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Top 5 Gifts for Mom

Grandaisy Bakery

Mother’s day is right around the corner - May 13 for those who need a reminder. At Grandaisy Bakery, we believe everyone can celebrate Mother’s Day in one way or another. Mother’s Day isn’t only about celebrating the traditional mom, but a day to celebrate the special people in your life who are strong, supportive, and nurturing.

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Colomba Pasquale

Grandaisy Bakery

Of all the signs that Spring is in the air, we love none more than the annual arrival of the Colomba Pasquale, a traditional Italian Easter bread baked in the shape of a dove.

Similar to panettone - with a delicate sweet flavor and an airy texture, studded with candied orange peel and citron, the Colomba Pasquale is covered with a scrumptious layer of crystallized sugar and whole, unpeeled almonds. Ours has a unique additional treat: it comes loaded with the highest quality Italian chocolate.

Colomba's history can be traced back to Milan and the victory of Legnano in 1176, when cities of the Lombard League prevailed over Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who was intent on capturing Italy for the Holy Roman Empire. It's said that two doves symbolizing the Holy Ghost appeared on the altar of the chariot carrying the battle standard.

The Colomba commemorates this important event, and this special bread is now made and enjoyed throughout all of Italy (and NYC) during Easter.

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Meet Mimi

Abby Parsons

Grandaisy Bakery operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It takes many team players to get exceptional products out of the oven and to our customers. 

Everyone is essential from the head baker leading the mixing, shaping and baking process to the packer who counts and packs bread for our wholesale customers to the barista making an exceptional latte, to the controller that makes sure everyone gets their paycheck and so on. 

We want to take an opportunity to celebrate our team and share some of their stories with you.

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