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250 West Broadway
New York, NY, 10013
United States


Bakery | NYC 


Fresh, and delicious bread hand-crafted in New York City.


Artisanal Bread

Grandaisy Bakery has been making traditional Italian-style breads for over ten years. Our team of bakers comes from many backgrounds, but they all share years of experience and a passion for making delicious, handcrafted bread!

All of our doughs start very simply: a mix of flour, water, salt and our natural sourdough starter. Then the loaves are shaped and we let them rest, before baking them in one of the large ovens that we have running 24/7!

Of course specialty breads like our pane sette grani, pane noce e uve or the pizza bianca have some extras, like whole wheat flour, pepitas, flax, raisins, or rosemary! But what’s so special about our artisan bread is that each one leaves out artificial flavoring, preservatives, and chemical risers.

We hope that you too appreciate the delicious tastes and textures of semi di sesamo, stirato or any of our other many offerings!

Become a defender of handcrafted bread today!