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250 West Broadway
New York, NY, 10013
United States


Bakery | NYC 

Our Story


Our story

When it was time to name my bakery, I chose the name I used for grandmother, Grandaisy. Growing up she was everyone’s grandmother, ready to share a great recipe, sit down for a game of canasta and tea, and, most importantly to me, truly supported and inspired my dreams. I can walk into Grandaisy Bakery every morning think of her and continue to be inspired by her life.

At Grandaisy Bakery we are all about bread, il pane. Our favorite motto is “all we knead is love.” From the beginning it has been about making that special loaf you would go out of your way to buy to make your evening meal, your sandwich, your bruschetta, or whatever your inspiration, exceptional. It has been about the experience of sitting at the table of your new favorite restaurant and demanding to know where the bread you've just devoured came from because it made you feel so good.

Our team of bakers have years of experience and are true artisans. We consider ourselves the defenders of handcrafted bread by investing in the people that make it happen; paying good wages, providing fair treatment and a great work environment for everyone on our team. Good bread is a result of artisans doing the work they love, which in turn brings in a community of appreciative customers and bread lovers who support the work of the artisans, and keep the circle going –reinforcing and improving along the way.

Our bakeshop is the perfect meeting place for good food and good company. We serve Roman style flatbreads and panini made simply with fresh and delicious ingredients that can transport you right back to that roadside stop in the Tuscan countryside or that street in Rome when you close your eyes for just a moment.

--Monica Von Thun Calderón